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What are the Best Denture Alternatives available in Sonoma County?

Denture Care has been around for centuries.  Why hasn’t anyone invented better dentures? The fact is, there is a 21st-century alternative to replacement dentures, and it is Exclusively Provided by Sonoma Smiles as Teeth Tomorrow® Sonoma County. Conventional Dentures may

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The Best Ways to Permanently Fix Bad Teeth and Failing Dental Work

Millions of people across the country are suffering from the discomfort and embarrassment of bad teeth.  In a culture that puts a high value on bright white perfect smiles, people with missing teeth, failing teeth, and bad dental work are

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What is the most permanent solution for missing teeth?

As Americans live longer, over one-third of us will suffer from missing and failing teeth.  Our largest generation to date, the Baby-Boomers (born between 1945 and 1964) consumed huge amounts of sugary foods and drinks, which lead to tooth decay.

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Should I have my teeth extracted and a bridge put in all in one day?

You’ve probably seen lots of ads for bridges delivered in one day. Many people think that ‘if you can get it done in a day, it must be good’. But, the real difference is in the final result, and what

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